Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Currently, I received an invitation to submit my manuscript to Bothalia Journal through my email:

Figure 1: Invitation for manuscript submission through email

The "real" bothalia journal an ISI indexed journal and listed in SCIENCE CITATION INDEX EXPANDED:

Figure 2: The proof of Bothalia is an ISI-WoS journal

The journal also possess an Impact Factor (IF)  of 0.846 (JCR 2012) which is ranked in Quartile 3 in PLANT SCIENCE category:

Figure 3: Bothalia's Impact Factor

But there are two links to the journal website when I tried to search with google:

1. The original journal website.

Figure 4: "Original" Bothalia journal website

2. The bogus/fake journal website.

Figure 5: "Fake" Bothalia journal website

The fake/bogus journal even listed in the first place through google search results!

The Original Bothalia Journal has also posted an alert (cf. black circle in the figure below) for this fake Bothalia Journal.:

Figure 6: The alert for the "fake/bogus" journal in the real Bothalia journal's website

P/S: Complete list of the hijacked journals can be found in this website.

-Usually, the fake/bogus journal usually requires you to pay some amount of money to a bank account in Africa, Pakistan, etc.

-The fake journal will have a fast peer reviewed processes - today submitted, tomorrow accepted!

-The Original Journal Publisher do not simply invite to submit your manuscript through e-mail.

-The submitted articles to the fake/bogus journal will not count as an ISI publication since it will not listed in Web of Science (WoS)


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