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STEP BY STEP on How To Check Similarities Index (Avoiding Plagirism) By Using Turnitin (Universiti Malaya's Student)

Why you need to check your paper/thesis for Similarities Index?

Your paper may be get rejected if the similarities index is too high (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Paper rejected

It is recommended for Universiti Malaya's student to check with Turnitin (Figure 2) before submitting thesis for examination/final thesis submission as stated in here and here.

Figure 2 : Universiti Malaya's Thesis Submission form

Ways to do it!:

1. Create a new student account (Figure 2). Your need to get the Class ID and the Class enrolment password from the Universiti Malaya's Information Counter located at the Ground Floor Perpustakaan, Utama Universiti Malaya. IMPORTANT: You need to register using your siswamail id since the librarian WILL DELETE your profile if you are using other email id such as yahoo or gmail.

Figure 3: Create a New Student Account

2. Log in again by using your using your registered email and password (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Turnitin Log In page

3. Enter your Class/Section ID and Enrollment Password (Figure 5). 

Figure 5 : Class/Section and Enrollment Password

4. You will directed to Homepage listing Class ID and Class Name (Figure 6).

Figure 6 : Homepage of turnitin

5. Click on Class name and you will be directed to Assignment Inbox page (Figure 7).

Figure 7 : Assignment Inbox

6. In assignment inbox, click on SUBMIT, FILL IN your Submission title (Figure 8), upload your file (either in Word or pdf) and CLICK upload (Figure 9)

Figure 8: Fill in Submission Title and Upload file

Figure 9 : Uploading your file

7. Please confirm your submission by clicking on CONFIRM button (Figure 10).

Figure 10 : Confirmation of submission

8. Now, you have completed your submission (Figure 11). Return back to class assignment.

Figure 11 : Submission complete

9. You will receive your submission receipt acknowledgement in your siswamail (Figure 12)

Figure 12 ; Acknowledgment receipt from Turnitin

11. Besides that, you can Download the Receipt by clicking download icon in the Assignment inbox (Figure 13). You can always Resubmit a new document and View you submitted file while your document being processed by Turnitin simply by clicking the respective icon in the assignment inbox (Figure 14)

Figure 13 : Download receipt from the assignment inbox

Figure 14 : Resubmit and View icons

10. When you go back to class assignment inbox, you will immediately get your similarities index report (Usually you will get ASAP report for 1st submission, for 2nd submission you will get your similarities report up to 24 hours after you upload your file) (Figure 15)

Figure 15 : Similarities index report

11. Click on Similarity percentage (for my case 63%) and new window will pop up showing your similarities report (Figure 14). You can either print or download your report simply by clicking on the printer or download icon at the top right corner of the window (Figure 16).

Figure 16 : Similarities index report by turnitin

What if your university does not subscribe turnitin? Why not try a free alternatives here.

Credit to: Maisie Nur for Figure A and Figure B.

Additional info for Universiti Malaya's postgraduate on HOW TO AVOID PLAGIRISM can be found HERE.

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